Care Professionals

TextCare Pro enables Occupational Therapists to accurately identify patterns of behavior and deliver effective management strategies.
The Assessment Challenge

Obtaining accurate information from clients about their routines and capabilities at home can be a challenging process.

Your clients may find it difficult to relay factual information to you, or they simply may not feel comfortable in doing so.

Families may also prove somewhat unhelpful in this matter, as they may be unsure of what their loved ones are actually doing and how they are coping when they are not there.

What impact does this have on you and your clients?

This can mean that there are inconsistencies between what they say and what is actually happening. 

Ultimately, unreliable information can prevent you from delivering the most effective management strategies.

So how can TextCare help?

TextCare uses discreet sensors to enable you to monitor your client’s activities and routines in their home 24-hours a day, without having to use cameras or listening devices.

Data from the TextCare Pro monitoring system is uploaded every two minutes to a private online portal, allowing you to see real-time activities on simple graphs. The portal provides you with an effective capability assessment tool where you can easily identify patterns of behavior and highlight areas of concern.

This ensures that you can put effective management strategies in place together with extras such as equipment and other assistive technologies.

Peace of mind for families

Worried family members can sometimes be overbearing on their loved ones and even prevent them from being able to live independently, regardless of occupational therapy. However, living alone can present more challenges and potential dangers for someone who is vulnerable, so it is easy to understand why. 

Whether their vulnerability is a result of a learning disability, dementia, age or a recent hospital stay, TextCare Pro can help to give families peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and well.

Reassurance Anytime

TextCare Pro gives families the flexibility to receive alerts and notifications that address their own concerns and that meet their loved one’s individual capabilities. Alerts are sent instantly as soon as

anything out of the ordinary happens, or if their loved one is deviating from their normal routines. This facilities a faster response to emergencies and problems that need solving.

With real-time monitoring data available on the online portal, families can keep an eye on their loved ones from any location and at any time. This is particularly beneficial if they live far away or are unable to check in on their loved ones as much as they would like. TextCare Pro also enables families to monitor care packages and ensure that carers are visiting when they should be and staying for as long as they are needed.

TextCare Pro for the Care Industry

TextCare Pro takes the guesswork out of caring for vulnerable people; facilitating better care and supporting independent living.

Demand for social care is increasing rapidly as a result of an ageing population, putting significant strain on hospitals and local authorities, who are struggling to foot the bill. Preventing vulnerable people from entering into full time care is therefore becoming increasingly critical.

With demand for social care increasing at a rapid rate due to an ageing population and local authorities struggling to foot the bill, preventing vulnerable people from entering full-time care is becoming increasingly critical. It is not just a matter of monetary significance however, helping to keep vulnerable people in their own homes ensures that their independence, dignity and wellbeing are maintained for as long as possible.

Many vulnerable people do not require full time care but with their safety a top priority and a lack of suitable alternatives, this is sometimes considered the only option. TextCare Pro home monitoring is an effective, low-cost solution that provides vulnerable people with the support they need to remain in their own homes for longer

Why choose TextCare

Care providers receive instant updates and warning alarms, enabling them to quickly respond to emergencies and unusual events. With 24-hour online reporting care providers are able to easily monitor activities, from any location and using any device with internet access, facilitating better care.

Routines and capabilities can be assessed to identify where extra help might be needed throughout the day or night, helping to eliminate the guesswork. Multiple homes can be monitored from one online portal, making it easier to manage carer’s time effectively and provide the most proficient care.

Vulnerable people are successfully supported to live independently in their own homes for longer, safe in the knowledge that help will be there if they need it.

Proactive Wandering Detection

Many people with dementia or Alzheimer’s have a tendency to wander, which can pose a serious threat to their safety. Confusion and disorientation can commonly occur even in familiar places and inhibit their ability to remain out of dangerous situations. TextCare Pro continuously monitors for movement within the home so that any unusual occurrences, such as movement during the night can be identified and reported. With the addition of the TextCare Pro Door Sensor, care providers can be notified immediately of a suspected wandering

Faster Emergency Response

In an emergency, the speed of response can make the difference between a minor injury and a serious trauma. Without any way of raising an alarm, a vulnerable person could be left in pain and suffering alone for hours before help arrives. This can have severe consequences on their health and cause them to lose confidence, become withdrawn and feel as though they have lost their independence. If a person is hospitalised and needs rehabilitation following their stay, this will put further constraints on their wellbeing and add more pressure to the NHS and care providers. The TextCare Pro Pendant Sensor detects falls and sends an instant text message alarm to the care provider, so that immediate action can be taken to help prevent further injury. A help button on the Pendant Sensor also make calling for help in an emergency fast and simple for a vulnerable person.