About Us

Hear at TextCare Pro, we want you to know all about us and how we are able to provide you the peace of mind you’re after. 

Over the next few sections, we hope to answer all of the questions you may have.

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Motion Detection
Detect if they're walking around as usual
Monitor Temp
Detect if their house is too hot or too cold.
Noise Detection
Detect noises such as TV, Radio, and speaking
Light Detection
Detect if they've forgotten to turn on/off lights
Door Detection
Detect if they've wandered out of their house
Detect multiple people
Detect if they've got visitors
Fall Detection

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Detect if they've fallen or need help.

About Online monitoring and assessments

Your TextCare Pro online portal provides you with a clear picture of your loved one’s activities in their home, on simple, 24-hour graphs. Information from your monitoring system is uploaded every two minutes to your portal, to ensure real-time viewing.

As well as each individual sensor graph, there is an easy to read daily activity graph shown at the top of the reporting screen. At a glance you can get an overall feel for what has been happing in the last 24 hours

Past data is also stored so that you can easily look back and asses your loved one’s routines and capabilities over time. This will enable you to determine the best time for any homecare visits that may be required.


If something out of the ordinary occurs such as an accidental fall, a drop in room temperature or if the panic alarm has been pressed, TextCare Pro immediately sends you a notification so that you can take action to help your loved one.

Textcare Pro also detects changes in behaviour and will alert you when something out of the ordinary happens

We have use complicated algorithms to give simple guidance

Take a look at our Traffic Light system to see how this works

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to get started

How do we make this happen?

TextCare Pro has a built-in mobile phone system that uses a sim card to send monitoring data to the online portal.

The system does not need a phone line or an internet connection. We supply a pre-installed SIM card that takes care of all of the monitoring.

This makes TextCare Pro one of the most cost-effective and versatile home monitoring systems available.

Visit our store to choose the right package for you needs, additional sensors can be added at later date if required.